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► We are an MSP, We securely install, migrate, customize, and maintain Magento and WordPress websites.  619 636-6767.

►We are an MSSP, we invite you to CALL 619 636-6767, Operate Magento or WordPress, affordably, with effective protection against malicious intruders!

► We are an Affordable MSSP and MSP, we work together, with you, to maintain your website and your internal network, secure from hackers. CALL 619 636-6767

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For an SMB, Micro Business, or other small business, the cost to contract with an Agency for website maintenance and cyber security can be prohibitive.

We specialize in small and mid-size businesses. With 30 years of experience in the field, we understand what your business must have, and what may be optional, especially when dealing with cyber security.

We understand the importance of cost.

CALL us, or request a call from us. Working together, we will look at your online exposure, and give you a highly informed opinion as to your website security, at NO COST.  CALL 619 636-6767, or send an email request using our Contact Form.


Magento + AWS

Keeping your website and your data safe has always been an ecommerce requirement, but never more so than now.  Ransomware, data exfiltration, and other vulnerabilities are all but routine. You can lose everything with even a minor installation flaw. Magento hosted on AWS combines effective tools for your security on the Internet.

IT Security Services

We have a Basic Rule for any business online: Use the Internet to your best advantage, being always on guard! There are lots of bad actors on the Internet.

Stay aware. Be proactive. Keep the dark side out!  

Maintaining Magento

We craft security solutions specific to the needs of our clients. There is no one-solution-fits-all, especially given the diversity of attack surfaces in different websites and networks, including with Magento. We will set up your Magento to be safe, and train you on how to keep it that way.  

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